ChatGPT Code Interpreter : 10 ways to use this new ChatGPT model

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On 8 July 2023, OpenAI released yet another groundbreaking feature for ChatGPT : Code Interpreter

This new experimental ChatGPT model transcends the boundaries of code interpretation. 

OpenAI has developed a cutting-edge system capable of utilizing Python, managing uploads and downloads, and revolutionizing the way we interact with code. 

Let's delve into the details of this groundbreaking technology that boost even further to capabilities of the ever growing library of ChatGPT plugins.

What is ChatGPT Code Interpreter ?

Here is how OpenAI describes Code Interpreter :

Code Interpreter goes beyond code execution by offering support for file uploads. This feature allows effortless integration of external data into the current conversation workspace, expanding possibilities and facilitating comprehensive coding workflows.

To enhance collaboration and knowledge sharing, Code Interpreter enables users to download the results of their work. This feature empowers users to conveniently access code outputs, review progress offline, and store results for future reference.

ChatGPT Code Interpreter is a revolutionary official ChatGPT plugin that allows users to run Python code in a secure environment. Thus, users can execute code without fear that it will impact their computer or their personal data.

10 ways to use ChatGPT Code Interpreter

Based on initial user studies from OpenAI, here are the most useful use cases for code interpreter : 

  • Solving mathematical problems, both quantitative and qualitative
  • Doing data analysis and visualization
  • Converting files between formats

But there are way more ways to take advantage of Code Interpreter. 

Here is a list of how you can use it :

Extract text from images

ChatGPT 4 now has the ability to extract a text file from an image of text you submit to it. This is possible thanks to OCR (Optical Character Recognition) which is also able to recognize an object in the image.


Making Text from Image
Source : Tweet from @Saboo_Shubham

Create QR Codes

You can create a QR Code for any website or web page by submitting the URL.

Generating QR Code
Source : Tweet from @OpenAI

Analyze data

Code Interpreter can analyze data from different files that you can attach to it such as CSV files to create tables or graphs. So you can understand your data more easily.

Analyzing Data
Source : Tweet from @emollick

Similarly, if you want to simplify your data analytics, you can also used it for creating data visualizations. From a table of data, for example, you can ask it to generate multiple graphs.

Process images

After submitting an image, you use Code Interpreter to crop it, convert it to a different format, a different color, remove the background, or even resize it. You can also extract a color palette from an image.

Processing Images
Source : Tweet from @skirano

Generate GIFS OR edit videos and GIFS

By submitting the prompt of your choice, from a file or not, it is able to generate an animated GIF.

Generating GIF
Source : Tweet from @goodside

Create a map

From data file, for example from an excel file (or csv file), Code Interpreter is able to create a map to illustrate your data.

Here it was provided with unpolished data from UFO sightings in the United States from which he was able to generate this map.

Creating Map
Source : Tweet from @PatrickJBlum

Convert image to video

You can use Code Interpreter to convert image to video. 

For instance, you can submit a panoramic image - and transform this image into a video scrolling  from left to right.


Making Video from Image

Source : Tweet from @chaseleantj

Learning lessons

After submitting a file with the prompt of your choice, in the example below asking it for an interesting point cloud on the NBA playoffs, it is now possible to teach ChatGPT  things so that it can improve.

Learning Lessons
Source : Tweet from @emollick

Convert a file to another format

Code Interpreter can convert any file, be it an image or an excel to another file formats.

For instance; it can transform a PNG image into JPG, a scratch file into Python, or a Python file into PNG.

Converting Format
Source : Tweet from @emollick

Edit code

You can use Code Interpreter to debug a piece of Python code so to execute it step by step in complete safety in order to visualize where your error comes from or to make modifications to this code.

How to install ChatGPT Code Interpreter?

First of all, you need to have the paid version of ChatGPT called ChatGPT Plus. To take advantage of it, it will cost a monthly subscription of $20 (around €18).


After making sure that you have this version, you can install plugins including ChatGPT Code Interpreter. 

For this : 

  1. Go to the settings at the bottom left
  2. Select Beta features
  3. Enable ChatGPT Code Interpreter Plugin

  4. Open a new chat
  5. Select at the top ChatGPT-4

  6. Click Code Interpreter
  7. To attach a file, press the “+” on the left to “send a message”

A reminder, what are ChatGPT Plugins?

ChatGPT plugins are software tools that integrate with ChatGPT. ChatGPT plugins extend the functionality and versatility of ChatGPT by adding specific features and capabilities that suit different needs and scenarios.

For example, some plugins can help you create chatbots for sales and marketing, customer service, education, entertainment, and more. Other plugins can help you enhance the quality and style of your chat messages, such as grammar checking, sentiment analysis, tone detection, and personality matching.

By using ChatGPT plugins, you can leverage the power of ChatGPT to create engaging and effective chat experiences for your audience. You can also customize and optimize your chat solutions according to your preferences and goals.

Whether you want to generate leads, convert customers, provide support, educate learners, or entertain users, ChatGPT plugins can help you achieve your desired outcomes.

FAQs - Code Interpreter by Open AI

What is the new code interpreter feature in ChatGPT?

The new code interpreter feature in ChatGPT is an advanced capability that allows the AI model to understand, interpret, and generate code across various programming languages. It's designed to assist users with coding problems, provide code suggestions, and even write small scripts. 

What are the best uses for ChatGPT code interpreter?

It all depends on your needs, or your sector of activity if you're using it as part of your business. But creating data visualization, format conversions, writing code or run code are probably the most useful uses.

Who might be interested in Code Interpreter?

Whether it's for sales teams, marketing teams, data scientists, designers, programmers, data analysts or anyone else, code interpreter can be of interest to you. Some may use it for fun (with GIFs, for example), others may use it for work, especially with data analysis.

Which files does the code interpreter support?

The code interpreter is designed to to understand multiple file types such as : 

Type of the file

Extensions of the file

Text files

.txt - Simple text files without specific formatting.

Structured data files

.csv - Comma separated value files.
.tsv - Tab-separated values files.

Structured and serialized data files

.json - Files in JavaScript Object Notation format.
.xml - Files in eXtensible Markup Language format.
.yaml or .yml - Files format.

Spreadsheet files

.xls or .xlsx - Excel Spreadsheet files.
.ods - OpenDocument Spreadsheet files.

Script files

.py - Python script files.
.R - R script files.

Documentation files

.md - Files in Markdown format.
.html or .htm - Files in HyperText Markup Language format.

Multimedia files

.pdf - Portable Document Format files.
.jpg, .jpeg, .png, .bmp, .gif - Image files.


How accurate is the code generated by the code interpreter?

While the code interpreter aims to provide accurate and functional code, it's important to remember that it's an AI model and not a human developer. The accuracy of the generated code can vary based on the complexity of the request. It's always recommended to review and test any code generated by the model.

How can I access the code interpreter feature in ChatGPT?

The code interpreter feature is integrated into ChatGPT. Simply select "Code Interpreter" in GPT4 and ask a question or request a code snippet in your conversation with ChatGPT, and the model will respond accordingly.


OpenAI's experimental ChatGPT model, equipped with an advanced code interpreter, opens up new horizons for developers, marketeers, sales professionals and data enthusiasts. 

By seamlessly leveraging Python, handling file uploads, and enabling result downloads, this system empowers users to unlock their coding potential.

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