Established in 1995, Infobel is the first business worldwide to have developed and published an online telephone directory.

With a global digital platform, Infobel S. A. publishes and continually updates a database of some 300 million telephone subscribers and 340+ million businesses worldwide. Operating throughout the world, Infobel S. A. also offers numerous B2B solutions including a large range of products and services that allows customers to get or improve, use data for the purposes of publication, marketing, advertising, and other data purpose.

Who are these products and services aimed at?

  • Are you an online or mobile publisher looking for information?

  • Do you work in marketing or advertising?
  • Do you want to obtain data to set up marketing campaigns or improve your customer and prospect files?
  • Do you need data to develop specific services (satellite navigation, geodirectories, ID Verification, Caller ID, population alerts, etc.), or do you work within another field that would also benefit from the tools and services that we offer?
Welcome to InfobelPRO, a global platform that offers multiple online, offline and mobile solutions for small, medium and large businesses. Browse our site to find the product or service which best corresponds to your business needs.

Our strengths

  • More than 28 years of experience in processing online/offline data and publishing Internet content.
  • Partnerships with the largest market players but also tailored solutions to SMEs.
  • Tools giving access to the largest databases on the market with more than 340+ million businesses and 300 million telephone subscribers worldwide.
  • A global platform enabling a fast, flexible and automated (API) search of individuals and business in an advertising free environment.
Alain Wahba

Is in charge of developing Infobel's activities and deals with legal issues. He holds a master's degree and a teaching diploma in business sciences and international business from the ICHEC Brussels Management School (1993).

Marc Wahba

Is responsible for software development. In 1991, he graduated with a diploma in electro-mechanical civil engineering from the Polytechnic Faculty, and a master's in management from the Solvay Brussels School. Marc developed the technology used for the Infobel software, website and other directories.

Liliane Sidis

Heads up the finance and accounts departments. Graduating in 1993, she studied business sciences and international business at ICHEC. Before coming on board with Infobel, Liliane ran and managed an import-export business for Europe and the U.S.

Claude De Bruycker

Joined the company in 2001 as Chief Operating Officer, after a lengthy career at GIB group as General Manager of Brico Europe. He was responsible for the growth and expansion of the 'Do-It-Yourself' (home improvement) division. Claude has travelled between Europe and the U.S. throughout his career.

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