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Australia Business Database

Business Data Australia
What B2B data do we offer with the Australian companies?

We provide multiple datasets which can be used by businesses of all sizes. Some of the business datasets we offer for Australia are firmographic data with detailed data on organization, technographic data with information on technologies companies use, b2b contact data majorly implemented for marketing purposes, spatial data, data on points of interest, links between various companies, and historical data ranging up to 7 years. 

Feel free to connect with our teams to get an estimate for the US business data requirement. 

What software do we use to provide Australian business data?

We have a large set of applications and APIs through which we help companies with our B2B data. We help you choose the best-aligned solution and tool based on your organizational needs. For businesses based in Australia which need to retrieve 1 shot data extraction for marketing purposes, we suggest using our applications or manual extractions. On the other hand, for businesses looking forward to enriching their CRMs or other applications, we suggest the implementation of our APIs for the best usage of the database. 

How do companies use our data? (examples)

Some organizations use our Australia business database when they are looking forward to targeting their prospects and some organizations use data to enrich their CRMs and allow their customers to access organizational information through filters like VAT numbers, names, etc. We also help businesses with online map publishers, global search engines and much more. 

 Click here to learn more and find real use cases. 

What sizes of companies do you provide solutions for?

We provide solutions to organizations of various sizes. For example, we offer advanced applications for enterprises aiming to generate email lists or phone lists and also offer APIs with a pool of data for assisting clients in enriching their applications used by millions of users. 

Data volume:
Amout data-Individuals
468 Attributes
Amout data-Companies
8.3+ million Companies
Amout data-Business sectors
1600+ Industries
Amout data-Data streams
1100+ Data streams
Amout data-Quality data
8.2+ million Contact data
Amout data-Countries
540k+ Technographic data
Amout data-Years in business
28 Years in business
Amout data-Language
17 Languages
Wave data
Our Data Access & Acquisition Methods
We help with multiple access and acquisition methods for our data, encompassing multiple formats, streams, tools, and solutions.
Data Formats
We support sharing data in almost all formats including CSV, XLS, and API data streaming as required by the organizations and looking forward to sharing data through cloud solutions.
Data streams
We merge data from over 1100+ global data streams comprising local providers, telecoms, business data vendors, and more.
Our tools
We have formed a set of applications and APIs to allow our customers to access and utilize data directly and easily.
Data compliance
Our datasets are fully compliant with the guidelines of GDPR, CCPA, and other local regulations across the globe.
Data solutions
Our tools are aligned for accessing, verifying, validating, enriching, extracting, and using our data in the DaaS model for enriching your software, applications, and more.
The most common business data use cases
Below are our latest examples of how businesses utilize our data
E-commerce sites built on PrestaShop
A software development company uses data to connect with businesses using PrestaShop for their e-commerce sites. The aim is to launch a marketing campaign to propose alternative e-commerce platforms and solutions.
Expanding into the American Market
An e-commerce platform provider is looking forward to entering the American market. Their objective is to connect with potential partners list their products; and attract prospect buyers. They are looking to acquire the contact details of the organizations for cold calling and mailing campaigns.
Cold calling campaign to target American customers
A Philippine-based call centre is aimed at acquiring and compiling several B2B contact lists for reaching out and selling products and services to organizations across the US.
CRM data enrichment
Upgrading the CRM with the ability to access comprehensive global company information instantly by just using a VAT number.
Targeting organizations by specific SIC code
Identified organizations from 4 European countries with a specific SIC code required a comprehensive list which includes all names, contact details like email addresses and mobile phone numbers, locations, and sizes considering employees and revenues.
Contact data for identified website visitors
Website visitors were identified and matched with the organizations they are employed with to provide contact information for curating offers for remarketing campaigns.
Connecting our database with a CRM
Continuous access to the entire B2B database, enabling CRM users to check and verify company information at any time.
Mailing campaign for solar panel installers

A solar panel installer organization crafted an email marketing campaign aligned to target all SMBs in a particular country with building roofs at most 280 m2. 

Targeting all HR employees
Targeting all HR employees by a company that built HR software and searched for testers and then buyers. Targeted only European companies with more than 1000 employees.
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Create your own custom dataset with the Australian business data

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Frequently asked questions
What is an Australian business database?

The Australian business database is an electronically stored set of information on businesses based in Australia. Such databases contain very often very detailed information on companies and are mostly used by businesses to get contact details of other companies or to enrich their applications with business data.

What does a business database on Australian companies usually include?

Australian business database usually contains information about businesses located in Australia which can be used by other businesses to learn more, target and reach them. Such databases contain various data, such as B2B contact data, technographic data, firmographic data and more. 

How do I find Australian business data?

You can find real-time Australian company information by going to the Search. app (, which is fully GDPR and CCPA-compliant, and searches for any business in Australia by its name, address, CEO or more. 

How do I find out if a company is registered in Australia?
You can find real-time information on whether the company is registered in Australia by checking the official website of the Australian government
Is your data up-to-date and compliant with the norms and standards of all countries?
100% yes. Our data is both GDPR and CCPA compliant and complies with all local norms and standards for all worldwide companies, including companies in Australia.