Lead Expansion

Complete your listing and add new targeted prospects.



Acquire new targeted prospects with our automated, fast service for data enrichment. Obtain a qualified file for your marketing campaigns.


  • File automatic standardization:


            Address standardization

  • File enrichment:


           Locating or buying a qualified file :
           1. The file is built according to the selected socio-demographic criteria.

            From your client or prospect file :
            1. Identifying a target group within your database according to available socio-demographic-criteria.

            2. Expanding your prospect base after comparing it with our database.

  • 20

    Socio-demographic criteria

  • Customized

    Or automated

  • URL

    E-mails & contacts


Our solution

Improve the quality of your data. We offer a database enrichment service for your client base. We compare and complete your file with our data. We analyze your clients’ profiles or identify a specific target.

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Our added value

Find new prospects and qualify your client base. With our rich and granular B2B database, we can segment, target, and complete your files. Within your client database, we identify various target groups based on a detailed panel of socio-demographic criteria. Our qualification process transforms your database into a powerful prospecting tool.

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