Web links & signals

The best web signals for prospecting and marketing



Obtain data on companies’ websites and social media accounts. Learn to know your prospects through their web signals.


Web+ pack:

  • URL
  • Online ads
  • Google Analytics tools
  •  Meta Keywords
  • Meta descriptions


Social pack:

  • Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn links
  • Average users’ rating
  • Average number of reviews


E-commerce pack:

  • E-shop
  • All

    Countries in the world

  • 29 M

    Companies online

  • 50



Our solution

Improve your client knowledge with our web and social media data. We offer company profiling based on information displayed on their websites and social media pages.

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Our added value

We browse the Internet to collect, analyze, and structure web and social media data from companies worldwide. We connect this information to the firmographic data of the companies.

We can provide you with comprehensive, qualified files enabling you to better know and target your clients. This will improve your prospecting actions.

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