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Buy or rent people databases for your B2C marketing actions. Make a highly specific selection of your target using our socio-demographic criteria.


General criteria:

  • Age
  • Household composition
  • Gender
  • Etc.



  • Vehicle owner
  •  Mobile phone subscriber
  •  Heating system
  •  Etc.

  • Moves and relocation
  • Geographical area
  • City
  •  Etc.

Standard of living:

  • Income
  • Real property
  • Owners or tenants
  • Etc.
  • 85 M


  • 12

    Socio-demographic criteria

  • 100%

    Of telephones


Our solution

Obtain data from millions of households in Belgium. Target ideal consumers by refining your selection using our wide range of socio-demographic criteria. Buy or rent qualified files to maximize your marketing actions.

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Our added value

Our database of individuals is updated on an ongoing basis. This guarantees that you purchase or rent high-quality B2C files.
With our socio-demographic criteria, you have the option to only select consumers who are relevant for your prospecting goals.
All our files are in compliance with the GDPR and exclude people who do not want to be canvassed.

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