Identity verification

The best tool to identify a person or a company



Identify a person or company in real time by searching our database. Perform queries using extensive search criteria.

  • Last name, First name
  •  Company name
  • Phone number
  • Fax number
  • Address, city, postal code, etc.
  • Professional occupation
  • Filtering professional and residential data
  • Neighborhood search
  • Historical data search
  • Geographical coordinates (longitude, latitude)
  • 320+ M


  • 50 M


  • Real-time



Our solution

Search for people and companies in our database.
With our product Identity Verification, you can quickly and automatically verify the identities of clients or prospects. This means increased efficiency and productivity.

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Our added value

Our database is continuously updated and includes information on millions of companies and individuals worldwide.
Use our products when you register a new client, launch telemarketing or telesales actions, collect receivables, or assist your clients. This allows you to identify a caller, detect a scammer, and improve your customer service.

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