Collecting anonymous visitors turns into lead generation

Marc Wahba • Last Update : 20.03.23

Client - IP To Lead*

IP To Lead identifies website visitors from their IP address. This company created an application that identifies Internet users’ IP addresses in real time. The plug-in can be installed on any website and integrates with any CRM type.

*To anonymise our client, IP To Lead is a fictitious company name.

Challenge - Linking firmographic data to an IP address

The IP To Lead app detects a visitor’s IP address and, in some cases, the corresponding domain name. App users can identify the companies that visit their website. This priceless information can be used to tailor the content of a site to its visitors and potential customers.

However, developing a useful B2B lead generation strategy requires additional information for IP To Lead users. Identifying the names of companies visiting a website is merely the first step. To reach potential clients, one must know them better. This is done by matching IP addresses with firmographic data (industry, number of employees, revenue, etc.).

Solution - Enriching data collected by IP To Lead

Infobel owns a database containing 245 million records, covering nearly 30 million websites and IP addresses. We have enhanced the data collected by IP To Lead by adding our own firmographic data to their records.

Every month, IP To Lead extracts our data and injects them into their app. The company matches IP addresses and domain names identified by its plug-in with firmographic data collected by Infobel. This enables IP To Lead to suggest absolute tools for B2B lead generation.

Results - A must-have application for lead generation

IP To Lead has access to the full spectrum of Infobel data to achieve continuous database enrichment by performing monthly extractions from our database.

With this application, IP To Lead collected IP addresses from 40 million websites. They were able to link these IP addresses to millions of companies worlwide. This provided their clients with comprehensive information for efficient lead generation.


This case was solved with our GET tool

You can collect firmographic data from an IP address. Enrich your database by adding our data.

Marc Wahba
Author Marc Wahba

Marc is the co-founder and CTO of Infobel. With a degree in civil electromechanical engineering from the Polytechnic Faculty and a master in management from the Solvay School of Brussels, he launched Infobel with his brother in 1995, the first online directory in the world to offer an online white pages directory. Since then, he has continued to launch new data products and services that have spread across the world, serving global clients.