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Client - Local Search Company*

This company headquartered in America develops, hosts, and markets the Local Search Company* website and its eponymous mobile app. This company has emerged as the leader of crowd-sourced reviews about local businesses. The purpose of the Local Search Company website and app is to connect Internet users with retailers.

*To anonymise our client, Local Search Company is a fictitious company name.

Challenge - Capturing new continents

In 2009, having conquered the North American market, Local Search Company decided to target Europe and Latin America, among other regions. To launch operations on these continents, Local Search Company needs an initial company database. The California company must feed its application and its website with NAP data (Name, Address, Phone Number) to attract visitors and prompt them to leave a review.

Solution - Providing NAP data for companies

Local Search Company contacted Infobel to obtain listings of companies and retailers. We provided them with data on must-see social points of interest on about fifteen markets.

Infobel gave Local Search Company access to its listings from 2009 to 2014. Local Search Company extracted data on a monthly basis to obtain new records and update their existing entries. This allowed them to provide users with information that is always accurate.

Results - Significant traffic increase on the website

In the course of 5 years of collaboration between Infobel and Local Search Company, the review website recorded gigantic traffic on their website. Over 20 million visitors browsed the website every month.

In 2014, Local Search Company decided to refocus on its home market, i.e., the United States and Canada. However, the European sites are still active. The platform is still indexed by search engines. The Local Search Company website remains a significant actor in local referencing of retail businesses and companies. Local Search Company is more than a business directory: it fosters exploration of new places and sharing between Internet users and merchants.


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