A Dutch company boosts sales on new markets by reselling our data

Marc Wahba • Last Update : 20.03.23

Client - A Dutch firm

Founded in 2010, this Dutch company is specialized in database management. Headquartered in Netherlands, this firm offers a wide range of services including standardization, deduplication, and data enrichment. This company provides clients with international B2B data in the form of an Excel file.

Challenge - Conquering new markets with quality service

Having gained a solid market share in the Netherlands, this company was seeking international expansion. To do so, the company used a marketing strategy similar to the one that generated their success in the Netherlands. To expand into new territories, this Dutch firm needed qualitative data and efficient tools. It was essential to deliver the best information to their clients in the shortest possible time.

Solution - Accessing "Partners’ resources"

To achieve its goal, the company became a partner/reseller of Infobel products. The company now has access to our “For Partners“ applications, which includes data acquisition solutions. This enables them to perform real-time counts and create sample data delivered to their clients in a very short time.

Results - Sales are boosted thanks to an international database

Infobel Partners, including this Dutch firm, receive dedicated support. This allows them to suggest improvements. The company suggested that we add the NACE Rev2 European classification to our database. Clients can search and acquire company data worldwide based on their industry classification.

With this improvement and their access to our applications, this Dutch company was able to increase sales by 30%.


This case was solved with our GET tool

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Marc Wahba
Author Marc Wahba

Marc is the co-founder and CTO of Infobel. With a degree in civil electromechanical engineering from the Polytechnic Faculty and a master in management from the Solvay School of Brussels, he launched Infobel with his brother in 1995, the first online directory in the world to offer an online white pages directory. Since then, he has continued to launch new data products and services that have spread across the world, serving global clients.