Enrichment and Validation

The best service to improve the quality of your B2B and B2C files



Send us your client and prospect files and get a free detailed analysis of your customer and prospect files. We offer a comprehensive report on the improvement potential of your database. Then we will quickly standardize, validate, and enrich them with our own data.

  • Sending your file to Infobel
  • Address automatic standardization
  • Enrichment and/or validation if necessary
    based on the telephone number or name-address-city
  • Companies’ attributes:
    • Company number
    • Legal form
    • Date of foundation
    • Activity code and description
    • Governing languag
    • Do Not Call Me (DNCM) nonmarketable flag
    • SEO Flag
  • Specific attributes:
    • Date of birth
    • Revenue class
    • Governing language
    • Flag DNCM nonmarketable
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  • Free


  • +95%



Our solution

We offer a comprehensive improvement service for your database. Once we have received your listing, you get a free, detailed analysis of the quality of your client list. And then we can enrich it in a fast automated process. You effortlessly obtain an enriched, updated B2B or B2C database.

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Our added value

Our database expertise has allowed us to develop efficient and effective solutions. We have designed an enrichment and qualification technology allowing for maximum match rate and minimum turnaround time.
Our worldwide company and people databases are continuously updated. Your listing enriched by us includes the most recent data.

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