Converting web traffic into leads: from domain name to firmographic data


Lead Generation Company*

Lead Generation Company, a British company, has developed a lead generation software tool. They created a system designed to identify anonymous website visitors. The software detects the domain name linked to the visitor and provides key information on the company’s key contacts, such as names, roles, email addresses, telephone numbers, etc.

The software also provides a detailed analysis of visitors’ activity on the website: what they searched for, number of pages viewed, time spent on the site, number of visits, etc. With intelligent analysis of this information, the software qualifies a visitor base on his/her interest in the product or service offered.

With this system, Lead Generation Company clients obtain all the information they need to implement an efficient prospecting strategy.

*To anonymise our client, Lead Generation Company is a fictitious company name.


Linking detected domain names to firmographic data

This tracking solution detects the domain name of the company associated with a visitor. Lead Generation Company owns a domain name database but does not have the corresponding firmographic data. To be a top player in lead generation, the British company needed to offer its clients more specific data on website visitors.


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Providing firmographic data using the Business Search API

Lead Generation Company called on Infobel to match detected domain names with firmographic data. To ensure rapid processing,Lead Generation Company used the Business Search API from InfobelPro. The company bulk-submitted the millions of domain names they owned to the API.


A comprehensive database for lead generation

Infobel was able to return firmographic data matching domain names in almost 75% of cases. This exhaustive and accurate information transformed the Lead Generation Company software into an indispensable tool for lead generation.

Our powerful APIs enable you to complete your data in real time or by bulk-submitting your searches.