The 7 Best B2B Data Providers in Spain in 2024

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If you're looking for B2B data providers in Spain, you have a wide range of choices. Each company or online platform has its own specific advantages and offers.

When it comes to Spanish B2B data, there are several local suppliers offering both local and sometimes international data. It's also possible to find data providers not based in Spain, but who offer data on Spanish companies. However, these may not have as much data available as local suppliers.

In addition to corporate data, some B2B data providers also offer a range of services to help companies find, use, enrich, add or integrate business data into their products through the use of APIs.

To help you choose the right provider, we've compiled a list of the best B2B data providers in Spain for the year 2024.

In this article, we'll take a closer look at the leading providers, what sets them apart and how they can benefit your business.

Whether you're looking for detailed information on a specific company or other information relevant to your business needs, you're sure to find what you need among these B2B data providers in Spain.

List of the top B2B data providers


Amount of data in Spain

Compliant (GDPR)

Infobel PRO

6,5M+ Companies

(320M+ Worldwide)

Green Check

Deyde Datacentric

3,9M+ Companies

Green Check

Informa D&B

3,7M+ Companies

Green Check


4,1M+ Companies

(300M+ Worldwide)

Green Check

Economia3 Infocif

3M+ Companies

Green Check


3M+ Companies

Green Check

Kompass Spain

57M+ Companies Worldwide

Green Check


Infobel PRO

InfobelPRO homepage

Infobel PRO is a B2B data provider offering comprehensive coverage of over 6.5M companies in Spain and over 320 million companies worldwide. The company provides a wide range of data, including company names, addresses, phone numbers, websites, contact information, financial data, historical data, technology data and much more. Infobel Pro's platforms also offer advanced search and filtering options, enabling users to accurately find and extract the data they need for business purposes.

Deyde Datacentric

Deyda Datacentric homepage

Deyde DataCentric is the result of the merger of two market leaders, Deyde, specialized in data quality, and DataCentric, a major player in the provision of data for marketing and decision-making. Their database contains over 3.9M enterprise data in Spain. With a team of over 100 professionals, including data scientists, data quality experts and marketing consultants, they operate not only in Spain, but also in Latin America and Europe.

Informa D&B

Informa D&B Homepage

Informa D&B is a subsidiary of Cesce, and part of the Dun&Bradstreet Worldwide Network. The company is a leader in the distribution of commercial, financial, sectoral and marketing information on companies and entrepreneurs. Their aim is to increase knowledge of customers and suppliers while minimizing business risks. Informa D&B has an extensive network of 14 offices in Spain. Their database includes over 3.7 million companies and self-employed workers in Spain. 


Iberinform Homepage

Iberinform is a Spanish company specializing in the supply of corporate data. It is part of the Crédito y Caución group, a well-established credit insurance company in Spain. Iberinform focuses on the collection, analysis and dissemination of commercial information on Spanish and international companies. Their database includes over 4,1M companies and independents in Spain, and over 300M companies worldwide.

Economia3 Infocif

Economia3 Infocif Homepage

Economia3 Infocif is a Spanish B2B data provider specializing in financial data. They provide comprehensive information on Spanish companies, such as contact data, financial data, commercial reports, payment history, managers, business links, etc. Their database contains over 3 million companies in Spain.


Axesor Homepage

Axesor is a Spanish data company belonging to the Experian group, specialized in credit risk management, fraud and data. The company provides commercial, financial and risk information on companies. Their database includes information on over 3M Spanish companies.

Kompass Spain

Kompass Homepage

Kompass Spain is a B2B directory and database specializing in connecting companies and facilitating international trade in the Spanish market. As a member of the global Kompass network, Kompass Spain provides comprehensive business information, including company profiles, product listings and contact details, to help companies identify potential partners, suppliers and customers.

B2B database providers: what are the differences?

There are many B2B data providers on the market, each with differences in terms of coverage, data quality, features and pricing. Here are some of the key differences to consider when choosing a B2B data provider:

  1. Geographical coverage: Some B2B data providers have global coverage, while others focus on a specific region or country. It's important to choose a provider whose coverage matches your needs.
  2. Data quality: Data quality can vary considerably from one supplier to another. The best B2B databases are regularly updated to ensure data accuracy and reliability.
  3. Functionality: Some B2B data providers offer advanced functionalities such as segmentation, data analysis and personalization, while others simply provide basic data. It's important to choose a provider whose features meet your needs.
  4. Price: The cost of B2B databases can vary considerably from one supplier to another. It's important to choose a supplier whose prices fit your budget.
  5. Customer support: Customer support can also vary considerably from one supplier to another. It's important to choose a supplier that offers quality customer support to help you solve problems and answer your questions.

The Best B2B data providers in Spain : FAQ

What is a B2B data supplier?

B2B data providers are companies specializing in the collection and supply of business-to-business (B2B) data to other companies. This data can include information on companies, sectors, markets, etc.

Why does a company need B2B data?

B2B data can be used by companies for a variety of purposes, such as lead generation, market research, competitor analysis and customer profiling. With access to accurate, reliable data, marketing and sales teams can make informed decisions and gain a competitive edge in their sector.

Who are the main B2B data providers in Spain?

Leading B2B data providers in Spain include Infobel PRO, Informa D&B, Deyde Datacentric, Compas.

What are the main differences between B2B data providers?

The main differences between B2B data providers are geographical coverage, data quality, features, pricing and customer support. It's important to choose a provider whose offerings match your specific needs.

How can a company choose the right B2B data provider?

To choose the right B2B data supplier, a company needs to consider factors such as its specific data requirements, the supplier's data coverage and quality, price and customer service. It's important to research and compare different suppliers before making a decision.


With our roundup of the best B2B data providers in Spain for 2023, you can make an informed decision and choose the provider that best suits your company's needs. Infobel PRO, Informa and Deyda Datacentric are among the top providers, each offering unique features and benefits.

Ultimately, choosing a B2B data provider will depend on your company's specific needs and factors such as coverage, data quality, features, pricing and customer support. It's important to take the time to compare different providers and choose the one that best meets your needs.

At Infobel PRO, we understand the importance of reliable, accurate data for businesses. That's why we offer a range of services, from company data to marketing tools, to help businesses succeed. Our platform provides easy access to up-to-date information on millions of businesses worldwide, giving you a competitive edge. So why wait? Sign up for Infobel Pro today and start accessing the data you need to drive your business forward.

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