How BoldData helped Lead Forensics source 10 million new URLS

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Since 1996, Infobel has been working with leading data partners and specialists worldwide. Many partners have leveraged Infobel Pro's solutions to achieve success with their own customers.

In this article, find out more about BoldData and Lead Forensics' successful collaboration.

Who is BoldData ?

BoldData is an independent data specialist based in Amsterdam.

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BoldData helps its customers create data driven opportunities with locally sourced databases. Thanks to its team of professionals with years of experience in data, as well as a partnership with Infobel Pro, BoldData provides Lead Forensics with a worldwide company database boasting the highest website coverage.

Meet Lead Forensics

Lead Forensics is B2B software that identifies anonymous website visitors, providing full contact details and customer journey insight.

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Lead Forensics provides salespeople with the missing information from website visitors needed to convert them into a lead. With an increasing number of clients, the company has established itself as #1 in website visitor identification.


Unlike other website design and management solutions that only provide general data (like the number of visitors and the number of visits), Lead Forensics offers in-depth information with a customer journey analysis.

A website visitor's URL is the source of the detailed information provided, which is why it's critical for Lead Forensics to have a broad database of websites/URLs. Even with today's technology, it can be very challenging to find dependable and GDPR compliant sources that cover a wide range of URLS.

BoldData's solution

With 20 million websites, BoldData has the most comprehensive company database available on the market.

For Lead Forensics, BoldData created a custom selection with 10 million small and medium sized companies in Europe. Each month our custom database is refreshed and pushed in JSON format to Lead Forensics' data team.

The good news ? BoldData and LeadForensice sparked the success of various SaaS, AI and data-driven companies.

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Dan Wolff
Author Dan Wolff

Dan Wolff, CEO and Founder of Bold Data, is an experienced entrepreneur and data expert. With a background in sales, marketing, and account management, Dan has spent years helping organizations unlock the power of data to drive growth and build successful businesses.

Frustrated by the poor quality and lack of local knowledge among global data owners, Dan founded Bold Data with a mission to revolutionize the international data market. Dan and his team set out to create data services that would empower organizations bringing global reach and local expertise.