International expansion of an application designed to buy company data using a DaaS API.

The client

A German channel partner

This German company is specialized in data management and analysis for marketing purposes. Headquartered in Germany, they help clients implement cross-media communication strategies.

Their expertise in data analysis and audience targeting makes them an essential partner for online and offline marketing. This company has been present in the German market for over 60 years and uses the most recent technologies as well as intelligent analysis models. Among other services, this company offers detailed information on their clients’ target audiences.


Expanding their “A-S” application worldwide

In addition to data analysis and targeting, the company also offers a solution for the purchase of company data via an application. On this platform named “A-S”, an Internet user can easily purchase data on targeted companies by selecting one or several criteria (industry, region, number of employees, revenues, year of incorporation, legal form, etc.).

This German firm feeds this application with data from German companies. However, the company wanted to sell data from companies located outside of Germany.


- Becoming a partner - -


Using the DaaS API to provide B2B data

This company contracted with Infobel to expand its application into the international market. We invited them to become partners. This partnership gave this German firm access to the InfobelPro Data as a Service (Daas) API. Infobel’s database provides real-time, comprehensive firmographic information on 270 million companies worldwide.


A global application for company address acquisition

Within a few days of development, the firm was able to integrate the DaaS API to their application. Their clients are now able to acquire international B2B data from the “A-S” platform. The InfobelPro API call is invisible to this German company website users. Whether they purchase German company data provided by themselve or data from another country provided by Infobel, they cannot tell the difference.

Do you want to develop your application worldwide? Become an Infobel partner and enjoy the powerful features of our DaaS API.